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  • TSE-A100: Dụng cụ thử đầu báo khói

TSE-A100: Dụng cụ thử đầu báo khói

Mã sản phẩm: TSE-A100
Hãng sản xuất: Hochiki
Xuất xứ: Nhật
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1. Remove the TSE-A100 from its carrying case.

2. Unscrew the combustion chamber from the bottom of  the TSE-A100.

3. Unscrew the punk stick holder retainer from the combustion chamber.

4. Insert a punk stick into the punk stick holder in the combustion chamber.

5. Light the punk stick with a flame.

6. Reassemble the combustion chamber.

7. Screw the combustion chamber back into the bottom of  the TSE-A100

8. Extend the telescopic pole of  the TSE-A100 to a length which enables you to reach the detector you wish to test.


• Tests all types of smoke detectors.

• Completely self contained and portable.

• Extends from 5.25 feet to 14.1 feet.

• Internal Smoke Source.

• Non-Toxic Smoke Source.

• Unit includes shoulder sling carrying case.

• Optional adapter for high velocity conditions.

• Exhaust function to clear detector.

• Built-in filter to prevent tar residue from adhering to the surface of the detector.