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  • SOLO 461: Dụng cụ thử đầu báo nhiệt

SOLO 461: Dụng cụ thử đầu báo nhiệt

Mã sản phẩm: SOLO 461
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Xuất xứ: Anh
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The SOLO 461 provides a solution for testing heat detectors that is second to none. Its patented design is convenience itself, whilst offering the fastest functional test possible  in the safest and most controlled way.

  • ·         Heat is directed straight at the detector sensor.
  • ·         Sets 95% of all spot / point heat detector types into alarm within seconds.
  • ·         Tests detectors up to 9m / 30ft with SOLO universal access poles.
  • ·         No cables / cords - power from Battery Baton™ is delivered to unit via the frame.
  • ·         Uses same Battery Batons™  and charger as previous model - no need to buy new ones.
  • ·         Infra-red beam is broken by detector to activate heat generation.
  • ·         Microprocessor control maintains constant heat and airflow with variations in battery voltage.
  • ·         Goes into standby after 120 secs of use for protection.
  • ·         Switches off completely after 5 minutes in standby for further protection.
  • ·         Supplied with 2 Battery Batons™  and fast charger (operates from 110 / 120, 220 / 240V AC supply or 12V DC car battery).